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Pages Tran Dan’s poetry always attract strong interest from readers. He is a famous poet in Vietnamese poetry. With a passionate passion for composing, he had a huge number of poems that went into the hearts of people. He always studied, researched and innovated his poetry to be the most unique. That dedication was recognized when he was posthumously awarded the 2007 State Prize for Literature and Art. If you love this poet, please join us. Follow this post now!

Adult song

Hang out! hang out!

Lime jar bald head

Two hands, two pebbles

Hang out! hang out!

Two hands, two pebbles

The bald head of the lime jar…

Hang out! hang out!

When are you going to get married?

When are you going to get married?

for you to buy wedding gifts?

I congratulate you on your new mats

I’m going to unpack the double bed

He went to Ngoi village

buy brown rice

roll cake coin

Tie things with your own hands

embroidered silk pillow

I asked someone to embroider for me

hand painted invitation card

I have two surnames

house-to-house news

he said mom and dad

borrow a pot to borrow a pot

Do you need me head?

tell the messenger to call you over

Roasted pork rolls with grilled pork rolls with Gac rice

cow butchers pig

the knife you cut

I tie the knot

your legs are tight


lean fat you pha

Brother’s feet

broth you taste

your heart is oblong

grilled cinnamon rolls

mixed vegetables

Noodles soaked in Anh Chuoi

Thai plum meat

Rolled spring rolls

plate of hydrangea flowers

the lipstick you clean

bamboo chopsticks

Or do you ask me for help with errands?

Northern English cooking pot

cherry blossom onion

I picked lettuce

fat pig

room you pay


What are you running?

cigarette you roll

the lantern you borrowed

the tent he built

the guest you welcome

desk chair you clean

the tray you bring

Or do you ask me for help with art?

for you to prepare the program?

The trumpet you borrowed

fun you choose

your friends pick you up

the repertoire he composed

the slogan he pasted

sausage you cut

the torch you light

best wishes from you

flower vase you put in

tablecloth he solves

declare the reason he said

the items you connect

trumpet you blow

I make them happy

happy new couple

you save to the end

after party –

late guest, you continue

folding chair

things you clean

the tray you keep

theater lights turned off

leftover cigarettes you picked up


down – he’s back.

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Can you sing again?

Twenty-five hours space

In a place far from the universe

When the autumn afternoon shines bright.

Can you sing again?

The middle of the map is not clean

Silver screen desert planet

Afternoon character film.

Can you sing again?

Windless road

Bewildered in the desert

Dimensional library dust.



Street contact.

Young tree hey

Fat road.

Morning walk

Early morning lack of months.

Thin ticks

Sweet and clean street.

Pho restaurant soon burned up

Street corner embers.

Morning noises

Fragrant – clear – sweet.

You go – casuarina sweater

I’m leaving – red lined cotton shirt.

Tram patrols the city early

Some of the houses have just turned on the lights.

Afternoon familiar

Black Afternoon

The rain is familiar

Smudged seeds

Rainy day

Black light bulb


The World

No trumpet

The set of chen

Whispering wind

The map is dirty

Poor ward market

Cowardly success

Doubtful of familiar rain

Meaningless Afternoon

The wind blows too much

Cold of the small Bang tree

Ancient autumn afternoon

Comrade Park

The fog of coffee

Give me a ridiculous function day!

Let me sit the most meaningless


Nine pieces of rain


Who instigated the nine-roof nursery?

Soaked silk in a jar

Ripe green strawberries

Fallen silkworms – ripe

Who unlucky door nine bars?

On the way to my street, the lights are on nine ways

The letter went to the nine lanes…

Nine-door flower garden

Waiting – nine nights

Who unlucky nine lotus leaves?

Nine-swimming boat

Night shift nine people running

The whistle is about nine ways to call

See you nine nights

Factory far from nine chimneys

Nine people – find mail

Who unlucky nine crossroads?

Nine minutes late

Who is unlucky with wet glass

Outdoors with fallen leaves

Nine whirlwinds

Nine strings – broken

Nine chrysanthemums – broken

Nine sheets of paper – throw

Nine sorrows – pain

Nine songs – wobbly

Nine pieces of bottle – chipped

Nine lights – wake

Nine drops of rain – hiccup

Nine buttons – ie

Nine vases – cracked

Nine letters – lost

Nine pages – smudged ink

Who is unlucky to fall into the rain late at night?

The workshop makes nine crews

Nine-span lim bridge

Can’t get up in time

Nine estuaries are closed

Wrong nine postcards

Cooked cold house

The old room – the rain stopped

Nine-key piano

See you nine dates

Nine times lost

Who’s unlucky?

Who unlucky nine winding streets?

Nine-segment barrier

I’m going to ripen early

Heavy rain in nine counties

Nine lights late

I find nine factories

Nine unreceived messages

He returned to nine alleys

Nine smoke rolls

Nine-star inn

The nine corners of the park are misty

He returned to nine hotels

Nine gray roads

Nine empty intersections

Nine times over the house

I’m sorry

He came back in silence

Heavy rain – nine nights…

Oh my!

Who’s unlucky?

Who instigated the nine-story hotel?

Nine steps up

Nine-roof high house

Nine-corner revolving door

I climb nine floors

Nine-column corridor

Nine lights on

Nine rooms to get lost

Nine-picture screen

Nine cups sleeping pills

Download it exactly

Nine ambulances huddled

You go to the end of the stairs

Wrong nine places

The door is closed with nine latches

Nine chambermaids awake

Nine elevators switch off

He came back quietly

Rain knocks nine roofs

Nine fuses blown

Nine dice lost

I sit without turning on the music

Confess to live nine vertebrae

Nine-note mute

Nine injections of fainting

Nine lit cigarettes

Nine books not read

Nine lost letters

Nine broken address books

Nine telephone lines cut

Nine floors of hotel

Rain knocks nine paragraphs

He sat silently

I sit and regret

Heavy rain – lost mail



Mail!… Mail!… Mail!… Mail!…

Address – wet rain

Nine times – rain letter…

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Wish a Happy New Year

Wish all

Each roof, don’t blow cold gray ashes

Don’t leave yesterday in the corner

Don’t stay in your heart

What year and which year are the mummies?

Strong smell of the old world

Silent lamp post



ticket only: same class

everything is privileged

suffocating injustice.

I have a satellite

then there’s the green station

purple station

in a universe

not meek.

The birdcage is too tight

where do i fly

also bumped his head.

I have the ability to be silent

like a dumb lamp post

silly street.

Go to the park

I walk in the park

Letter energy: erotic

Love, love, love.

I go to the park

When you are indifferent

If not violated look

You know how beautiful I am!


Emergency! Emergency!

Cars with dead leaves…

A couple walking across a flat road

Let me go find the moonlit night of the tangerine garden!

The phone screams

The cup goes away

Chapter three novels

Journey!… Journey!…

Can’t see the dew flying in streaks…

Two odd poems

dream board! – dream board!

and so on until the end of the world

each person


a dream!

autumn board does not! – autumn board no!

and so on until the end of the world

each person


a zero collection!

Hard to stay

The universe is difficult – in excreting water

Wet volunteer rain

Water volunteer eyes

Tilt up.

The uninhabitable universe – excreting water

Water forced horizon

Wet volunteer eyes

Tilt up.

The universe is difficult to excrete water

The horizon is forced to wet

The rain forced water

Wet eyes – upturned.

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No number 4

Falling rain

Last year’s crossroads

Know I’m stupid

I can’t stand it anymore

The boulevard of harm

I’m long and wild

I forgot to cover up

I’m long and numb

I forgot to balance

I’m confused

I’m long innocent

I’m long – miserable…

A ray of hope

to give to the desperate

Moonless nights

Days without sunshine

Those who are in trouble

Long periods of rain and storms

Deep eye circles

Hands reaching up

Dark times

Life without light.

Oh my dear

The songs of life are soaking in the rain and wind

When people just die

Let’s keep just a glimmer of hope

Just a ray

to win and love.

City rain

Rain volunteered to cry

Rainy nude street

Long-lasting water retina

Transparency in each vertical stroke.

I walk in the rain

Rainy afternoon with lemon nuggets

Age of glutinous rice nuggets

Rain sobbing.

I don’t want to cry

Looking up and sobbing

Clear each vertical line

Rainy nude street.

Age of glutinous rice nuggets

Long-lasting water retina

Sobbing – rain

Footnotes turned into pink city scars.

Above, we have dedicated to readers the most unique poetry pages of poet Tran Dan. Thereby, we feel a unique poetic style and remarkable breakthroughs in his poetic composition. Let’s feel this outstanding pen together! Love!

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Trọn bộ những trang thơ Trần Dần được yêu thích nhất phần 1

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