Top 15 Bài thơ hay của nhà thơ Trần Duy Hạnh

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Top 15 beautiful poems of poet Tran Duy Hanh

Poet Tran Duy Hanh was born in December 1956, from My Xa, My Loc, Nam Dinh. Currently, he has retired in Hai Phong and joins Viet Tiep Poetry Club – Hai Phong. He wrote many poems for children. His poems describe life through the clear eyes of children. In his poems, he always uses words that are easy to understand and remember for children. From spring rain, swimming lessons or children’s sincere and innocent thoughts, he wrote them up into lively and lovely innocent poems. He has published poetry collections printed with other authors of VN THI dan and NEW WORKS MAGAZINE, Luc Bat page is printed every year. For him, composing poetry is for fun and useful life in retirement years to enjoy old age. would like to introduce his beautiful poems.



Usually when Tet comes
Dad sent me home,
On the way, my father always reminds me
Remember the way back.
What to remember?
Just go and come now!
Maybe it’s the old man
Take care of everything throughout the day.
Next year I will study far away
My father told me to visit my hometown,
I go on a trip by myself
Train me bravely.
Anxious and anxious
I hope it’s morning,
People, cars are ready
Ready to go together.
The road is so beautiful
Scenery changes a lot
Familiar imprints
Not much left.
Confused, I asked for directions
All the quartet
City village
Gathering on the streets.
Well, let’s make a phone call
Thanks for the directions
And I’m from there too
Remember the way to Que Huong.



Little gray worm
Golden loofah rig
The silence of the sky is immense
Round eyes Baby watching.
Loofah leaves are green
Birds wriggle looking for worms
Where are the hidden worms?
Birds can also pull out.
Bird shrugs step by step
Baby groggily follows
Baby’s hand reaching over his head
Waving you little bird.
And also from that time
Every morning to the playground
Baby looks up to the sky
Like waiting for a bird to come.
( May 9, 2017 )



Dad bought a new car
I practice sweating
Every time I lift my legs
The car fell to the ground again
You guys laugh watching
Just pointing and talking
Mom said: Let’s see
Stand up for yourself
He said: Let it be
He kept the car I was sitting in
My father: Oh my god
Gotta let me try
Angry, he scolded
Just learning to help
When you’re used to riding
Then let me practice.
Hear that fat grandson
Stand up now: Grandpa
The most gentleman in the sky
He kept the car for me…
( 4/24/2017 )

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Mother and baby

Mom raised her hand to help
Help your baby climb the scale
To see a few weeks
Can gain a few pounds?
Baby holds out his hand
Child clock hands
Follow the round red line
Ask mom how many pounds!
Mom said there was a month
I gained two pounds
That’s part of it
Children eat well so they are healthy.
I’m a baby now
It’s hard to eat evenly
I’m healthy, I love you more
Go to school regularly.
Baby remembers mother’s words
Study hard and eat
To be healthy and grow fast
Help mom with many things.



There is a small yard in front of the house
Dad tied the vines
Let the melon climb
Summer afternoon sun.
Baby is afraid of high rigs
Can’t climb melon?
Dad said: Or bridge
Let it step up…
Baby smiling softly
That’s a great idea
But then Dad said right away
It’s dad kidding you!
The net that you see
Melon still reaches high
As long as take care on
The plant is healthy and full of nutrients.
And that’s true
Just a few days later
The melon has climbed over the head
Greening the small courtyard.
So from that
Baby understands more good things
How many days do you study in a book?
Still need to be realistic.
( 4/29/2017 )


MY niece

Today is Sunday
Baby doesn’t want to go out
How many words did you say?
But the baby refuses to talk
My friends have called
Baby shakes his head: No
Mom is very angry and grumbling
The thing! Child with female
Sure it doesn’t argue
But why don’t you ask?
But don’t say anything
How not to get mad…
It’s a matter of grandpa and grandson
No one knows
Baby is still deciding in his head
At home on Sunday.
Because you know the truth
He was at home all week
Weakness does not play far
I hope to have a baby on my day off.
( 4/26/2017 )

Poem: Rain and Clouds


(Bronze knife)
It’s sunny
Suddenly the wind blows
On the street.
Ridiculous person
Avoid falling rain
Crying: God!
Rain like a storm.
Baby’s mother said
Shadow rain
It will be over soon
Be happy.
I’ll wait
Among the clouds
Flying rainbow
It’s great…



The drum is already ringing
Let’s go to the playground
Gym class time
Stay healthy, my friend!
Line up – Please
I’m starting all the way
Chest tightness to breathe
Legs raised rhythmically.
Let’s raise our voices together
“Being good to serve the country”
Familiar movements
I remember practicing every day.
Class time is so exciting
Don’t think it’s a side subject
It makes me happy
With manual operation.
Exercise like this
Good for health
Stronger body
Remember to practice regularly.

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Poem: LEARN TO Swim


Just in the beginning of summer
I can go to swimming lessons
Exercise again to play
Oh! It was so much fun
Swimming Palace Palace of Culture
Blue floating water
There are brothers and sisters
Guide for young children.
Learning to swim is not difficult
First practice on the shore
Only after going into the water
Feel free to struggle…
A word to them
Summer vacation let’s go swimming
Enjoy it, have fun
And increase health.



The phoenix flower is still blooming
Crimson dyed the sky red
Somewhere the sound of falling leaves
Signaling the end of Summer is coming
Miss your beloved holiday
With fun days
I got an invitation
Let’s travel together
Really enjoyed the trip
Xuyen Viet – Visiting three regions
Really enjoyed the trip
Xuyen Viet – Visiting three regions
Amazing natural scene
New lands
How can I describe?
Country yellow rice color
The tiled birds are coming
Kite against the wind.
The ivory bamboo grove is still there
Stuck telling stories at night
About the good old days
How many dreams do you have?

Time is ahead
But summer is almost over
The first day of school has arrived
See you next summer!



(Giving children HP Children’s Hospital)
Baby just opened his eyes
I have seen you Golden sunshine
Crossing in the hallway
Like calling Baby to wake up.
Baby raised his hand and waved
But the sun won’t come in
There is the sound of the wind whispering
Looks like playing with the Sun.
Baby is still lying quietly
Can’t get out of bed
Although my heart is troubled
Missing a lot of Sun and Wind…
Is there anyone out there?
Help open the door
Let the Sun and the Wind in
Play with Baby.



Spring rain is breaking
Drop the glitter here
There are seeds in leaves
There are seeds that seep into the ground
Fear of falling pearls
Baby quickly raised his hand
Raindrops filled with rain
In the palm of your hand
Full of succulent drops
Just full of my hands
Cherish your eyes
Sparkle someone’s figure!
But it’s very difficult
Keep water in hand
So Baby is full
Sparkling all pearls.
(Celebrating May 19, 2017 – Uncle’s birthday)



(Full Moon Festival – 2017)
My place today
Happy East, Neighborhood
Waiting for the moon to shine
Full moon night in August.
Full of fruit
Big yellow pomelo
Fresh green rice packet
Yellow ripe bananas
Fat persimmon
Next to the cupcakes
Children are happy
Run, jump, shout
Excited every home
Nice toy bag
Carp lanterns
Even the towing lights
Gathering together
Commune warehouse yard
Everyone is happy
Show off lots of toys
Drum beat invites
Watch lion dance
Tired of running around
Uncle Teu has a round belly
Lots of babies
Wear a mask
New shape
Looks so funny
Anyone who sees it loves it
Princess crown
Girlfriend is dancing
Shimmering pearls
Play hard
Running and jumping is so much fun
Everyone laughs
We invite you to play
(September 21, 2017 – August 2 of Dinh Dau)

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“Children like young leaf on branches
Know to eat Sleep, know to study is good …”
I go to kindergarten
With your favorite friends
Like a flock of warblers
All day long
Having fun is noisy
Class time keep quiet
We are always trying
Listen to her teachings
On Childhood Day
It’s the 1st of June
Girls and grandchildren
Organizing fun and singing
The whole school is like a home
Festival of dancing and singing
The school yard is large and cool
Crowded audience around
Like a bud on a branch
Good mother is a teacher
Go to school to be taught
We are good kids.



The sun is shining brightly
Suddenly dark and windy
Dark clouds roll by
And the rain showers
The sun man above
Where are you hiding now?
You must be hiding well
In his house
I’m not running around either
Out in the rain and wet
That: Leaves fly and fall
Falling into the flowing water…
When the rain stops
The sun shines again
Above the white clouds
Rainbow of seven curved colors
My mother has gone to the field
And I open school books
The garden calls toads
The trumpet calls for rain.
( 4/25/2017 )
To write poems for children requires the writer to see life through the eyes of children, to understand children deeply. Poet Tran Duy Hanh has done that with his boundless love for children.

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