Hữu Thỉnh cùng trọn bộ tập thơ Thư Mùa Đông hay nhất mọi thời đại phần đầu

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Poet Huu Thinh is a famous poet with a series of poems with profound soldier themes. His poetry is sometimes full of enthusiasm, when it softly whispers, when it is low and choked, at times sharp and sharp… the different levels of Huu Thinh’s poetry are still based on an enveloping scale, a loving voice. That is the poetic quality, the quality of an artist, the artist is always passionate about life. Reading his poetry, we seem to be blended by lyrical poems rich in emotions. Any! Right now, let’s watch together his best collection of Autumn-Winter poems of all time!

Warm and cold

What is it tonight?

The cold turns into a rope to tie me up

I’m next to the flower in front of me

Tomorrow’s memory has passed.


Rowing alley by the river

Back to the stream again

Starting with the shadow of the mountain

Just like your eyes

The wind holds the wind silent

So the sky is open

Let me come to you

In a whisper of grass

I want to hold all afternoon

Kiss on the day we meet

Full moon love is still waning

I’m green, the day is green

Peaceful bunches of fruit

Leaving the empty mountainside

What does God want to say?

Look at me

Then silence!….

Wake up at the morning

Wake up at the morning

Meet the love and send the hate

Through the road the clouds are chased by many times

Wake up at the morning

The season is over, the season is over

Desolate tree frames

Go through many hats

To find a hand

Tired, I sit and rest

Shade of a bunch of thorns

Cup with Xa-in

The Alatau Mountains have the venerable side of a sad face

Grapes start again, nothing new

Raise a cup for you! What do I wish for?

There is a lot of snow in your hometown, please give me like snow.

Couples holding flowers in the wedding room

They love each other with no experience

They dance and sing with no experience whatsoever?

They parted with no experience whatsoever.

You and I have no experience

The more I write, the weaker I feel

As long as the road of humanity is full of dust

You understand why I don’t speak.

Do you understand why I remind my mother?

A lifelong obsession

For the mother will be the most painful blow

Someone is stalking me and throwing dirt on me.

Between the party of wine and flowers, it seems the wrong time

Referring to the pain and frustrations of life

How can it be, alcohol is often less

Compared to separation, cheating, crushing.

The piece of rice and clothes obscured my mother

Involuntarily obscures mother

People are usually absent from the fun

Hair flying white in the afternoon silver wind.

Poetry is less and less read every day

But I choose this weapon to protect you

I walk in the rain, grinding on the stone

Meet the joy, love the mother even more.

Xain, you don’t have any cover to be afraid of

Live every day pure for poetry

Please raise a toast to me

Apple flowers bloom.

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My dear blanket

Also because I’m in love

So now it’s hard

I know how to return

What’s the point of being so multi-faceted

Miss the lotus to find a dress

Meet all the water bubbles

Back to the flower still chrysanthemum

He holds it like a hundred years.

Haters must be near

Lovers have to stay away

Clouds love the ground

It’s impossible not to fly.

The old street is still crowded

I don’t know where to go

The tree gives its own shade

But the weather is not less hot

The old temple is still here

Incense smoke is deeply sad

Buddha understands everything

Ask me, keep quiet.

Bodhi in the season of falling leaves

Drowning in nothingness.

The hooves

The raft’s hooves are already down

Booked the right place the day before

The endless waves miss the sunset

The fisherman worked hard to raise his shadow

The water is full of big waves and the fish are eager to live

Trying to bypass people’s hopes

The raft’s hooves are down again

Booked the right place to wait the day before

The fisherman started to try again

With a river with a school of cunning fish

Every day is the first day, every time is the first time

Patience gives people more nets

The hooves were put down again…

End of the year

At the end of the year, straw dreams and sleep

I walk like so many people

Who has just shopped in the winter afternoon?

The river misses people far away sparsely drifting

Life when suddenly seeing the years go by

The fish in the pond are also startled

The tree does not have enough fruit to repay the land

Borrowing from heaven a little more happiness.

Walk under the tree

I quietly walk under the tree

Sail’s birthday

Falling leaves sad leaves

The land receives its benefactors

Have fun and eat it all

Wind by wind

Pull over me

Visiting turtles wearing cranes

Visiting in a lotus dress

Come visit the plow and lament

I quietly walk under the tree

Afternoon closed the market

Sweet words are sold everywhere

The hungry bird must fly back to the old season

I quietly walk under the tree

Excited with a strange gift

Lonely, full of road, no one wants to pick it up

Stand and watch people…

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Someone cursed me to die

Nanny every day every day

Someone wants me to be disabled

My hair is green

It’s windy

I walked over the wading


Dress up

Let the wind let the clouds go

Someone wants me to be an orphan

I keep singing among low flying dragonflies

Dark clouds go to close the sky

Young leaves look forward to seeing your face after the rain.

Do you still remember?

Who brought the love boat?

Drifting into the wharf

I’m left alone

Pick up the pieces

Remove the roof

Cover is not warm enough

Team of a thousand rains

Do not blur memories

Like a tree looking for leaves

Like a fish looking for fins

He called hoarsely

Unfinished afternoon wind

Open the moon to find

The moon is still in shadow

Open the grass to see

The grass is still warm

Flowers are still today

Can’t be comforted

How many levels of love?

Do I still remember?

Happiness (I)

To the river with the firewood

My father brought back floating songs

Star fruit has a sad taste

Thunder promises clouds but the rain flies away

A bunch of children

A cramped house

The alley is still crowded

Neighbors are still blind on the door

My mother sings a thousand verses, and there is one that has not been sung

My father met a hundred things, but there is one thing that has not been met


The straw still dreams of a golden cloud…


I asked the land: How does the earth live with the earth?

– We honor each other

I asked water: How does water live with water?

– We fill each other

I asked grass: How does grass live with grass?

– We knit together

Make horizons

I asked people:

– People living with people like?

I asked people:

– People living with people like?

I asked people:

– People living with people like?


Through the thin wall of bottles

Crossing the pond is easy to fall

I’m looking for

I hide my hair behind the clouds

I’m looking for a brooding day

The flower sleeps in the vague leaves

The fate of the red-cheeked afternoon led him away

He wears away but the bottle is still sharp.


I often mix with sweat

Please just imagine a squishy life

What is good to forget, what is often overlooked?

That’s me, please imagine

I am often chased away by the thorns of the rose

There’s no way to get caught in the eye by accident

In the big party, everyone remembers the wine

That’s me, anonymous cups

The sky is low to find comfort for the earth

That’s me, lonely little kite

With happiness I stand outside the door

With parting I’m a sad song

Kids like me as a bubble

Fly and swing in unexpected happiness

They took turns inviting each other to become adults

That’s me, a helpless stalk.

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A day

The glass is still on the table

Another anniversary that hasn’t been sold yet

I have not stood on the black market

Earn by scam.

Another day of peace of mind to see the children

Not erased yet rebelled

Old friends visit home

Not a two-way contract.

I hold chopsticks and stroke your hair

One more day with clean hands

Drinking water makes you feel ashamed

Haven’t spilled residue on others

Green people red people

Carrying the wind climbing rope

North ladder ask heaven

Torch before the storm

One more walk on thorns

One more day to be an honest person.


Hail goes to find fragile places

The tree trunk is rubbing so gently

Children throw their hats and dance

Adults close the curtain and watch silently

If the stone falls, the head will fall off

Frogs squeaking in the grass of the festival

Rainbow seeds swell with the wind

Copper is like gambling, water is like crazy

The muddy road I walked was not bare

The rain stopped, looking up the left is still green.

Twelve sentences

Nguyen Du wrote Kieu for more than two hundred years

The wind is still cold on the shoulders of the silver man

Rowing Quan Am young and old all belong to

The unhappiness in life has been endured

Lep Tonstoy wrote “War and Peace”

With the hope that it is the last war on earth

The season of perching on Grandpa’s grave with true tree colors

Who would have expected to see more blood

I have met mighty rivers that push the ice away

But ended up imprisoned in the cold

Grapes know that to let go of sweet fruit

Reaching people in a hurry before winter

The intense parts of real life, the health of the human soul, add modernity to the soft lines of poetry. Maintaining and refreshing Vietnamese verses in the struggle to renew poetic language is gradually but drastically taking place in the whole of our poetry. He is a poet worthy of respect and admiration. Thank you for reading our article!

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Hữu Thỉnh cùng trọn bộ tập thơ Thư Mùa Đông hay nhất mọi thời đại phần đầu

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